Heba isn’t always OK — and that’s OK

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The back of a young girl walking forward carrying a school bag

Period Poverty: Helping girls in need

Socks. Old t-shirts. Fabric scraps. These are all items that some Canadians have said they’ve used as alternatives to pads or tampons when faced with the impossible choice between buying a period product or an essential item on their grocery list. It’s a situation known as “period poverty.”

An unidentifiable woman wearing a face mask gets a shot in her left arm

The flu shot is your best shot at a safer fall and winter

As many parts of Canada battle a fourth wave of COVID-19, it’s important that we do everything we can to protect ourselves and our most vulnerable – and that means getting your flu shot AND the COVID-19 vaccine. The two-combined give you your best shot at a safer fall and winter.

Emily smiles as she stands outside on the grass holding laptops in her hands

Emily helps get students online

Seventeen-year-old Emily McCreery knows the challenge many students faced when schools shut down due to COVID-19 and classes moved online. “It was hard to do schoolwork via Zoom,” says the Regina, SK resident, who is entering grade 12 this fall and works part-time as a cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart®. But Emily realized that for students who don’t have access to reliable technology at home, in particular laptops, it was even harder.

Bryce stands in front of the pharmacy counter at Shoppers Drug Mart smiling

The tale of Bryce, a toddler and a raccoon

Pharmacists save lives – just ask Bryce Barry, a pharmacist at Shoppers Drug Mart® in Park Place Mall in Lethbridge, Alta. In May, a one-year-old boy was in his Lethbridge backyard with his mother when he ate some raccoon feces out of a flowerpot. His parents did some online research and learned raccoon poop often contains a roundworm that can cause neurological disease or death. Drug intervention within 72 hours is critical.