Communiqués de presse

14 mars 2024

en traduction: Media statement on Medication Reviews

en traduction: Medication reviews are a vital healthcare service. One in five Canadians do not have access to a primary care physician, and in the experience of our pharmacists, direct intervention is required in four out of every 10 patients due to these reviews.

We remain collectively committed to the important benefits that medication reviews provide to patients and the communities our pharmacists serve.

By conducting comprehensive medication reviews, pharmacists can identify medication-related issues, provide patient education, and collaborate with patients and primary healthcare providers to optimize medication therapy. This proactive approach plays a crucial role in preventing adverse drug events, improving medication adherence, and enhancing patient outcomes, particularly for those with chronic conditions. A study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) revealed that adverse drug-related events accounted for 12.0% of emergency department visits, with 68.0% of them considered preventable.

Of the four out of ten patients requiring intervention, our pharmacists’ experience is that more than half of patients were found to be non-compliant with their medication therapy and saw noticeable improvements to their health once adherence was rectified. Adherence plays a crucial role in improving health outcomes, quality of life, and reducing the risk of complications, hospitalization, and mortality associated with chronic conditions.

Within our organization, we are working diligently so that the program is implemented solely based on the professional judgment of our pharmacists and program criteria. We will continue to ensure that the program is carried out in a manner that upholds professional standards and prioritizes patient care.

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