June 21, 2023

Pharmaprix donates $3 million to Université de Montréal to help redefine the training and role of pharmacists in Quebec's healthcare system

MONTREAL, June 21st 2023 – The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Université de Montréal and Pharmaprix recently announced a donation that aimed at advancing pharmacy practices in Quebec, enhancing healthcare accessibility and facilitate the recruitment in the region. The goal is to provide better support to the health system as a whole and improve access to care for patients by further leveraging the expertise of pharmacists.

This donation of $3,000,000 from Pharmaprix, which will be given to the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Université de Montréal over a period of three years, will serve as a catalyst for knowledge transfer, research related to community-based pharmaceutical practices, advancing health policies, and improving patient care.

"Quebec's healthcare system is called upon to evolve to better meet the population's new needs, and thanks to this donation from Pharmaprix, our Faculty of Pharmacy will be able to keep pace with this evolution," emphasizes Université de Montréal Rector Daniel Jutras.

One of the major investments resulting from this collaboration will be the construction of the new Pharmacy simulation and virtual reality center, a state-of-the-art laboratory designed to help train the pharmacists of tomorrow. Slated for completion in 2024, this cutting-edge laboratory will provide an immersive training environment, enabling students to cultivate their skills and apply innovative practices in real-world scenarios. Additionally, a second part of the donation will contribute to the creation of a Scholarship Fund to support local students, as well as those from diversity groups, while the remaining component will finance transformative research projects focused on community pharmacy's clinical practice. The overarching goal of these initiatives is to expand the role of pharmacists in primary care, adhering to established standards, with a specific focus on the assessment and treatment of minor health issues, management of chronic diseases, provision of public health services, and facilitation of care coordination among healthcare professionals. The donation will also support the provision of master's and postdoctoral scholarships for research related to community pharmacy practices.

“This donation will have a transformative impact on our faculty. Above all, this gift opens the way for collaboration that will help evolve the role of the pharmacist, because by providing opportunities for research and graduate training to enhance community pharmacy practice, the entire field of pharmacy will emerge transformed”. - Simon de Denus, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Université de Montréal.

“The health care system is facing complex problems that require innovative and collaborative solutions. We strongly believe that pharmacists can play a critical role in this collective approach, and we are proud to act as a catalyst for achieving this goal. Therefore, we are delighted to collaborate with the Université de Montréal, which is committed to training the next generation of pharmacists so that they are perfectly equipped to meet the evolving health care needs of the people of Quebec,” said Jeff Leger, President of Shoppers Drug Mart.

This collaboration between the private sector and academia clearly demonstrates the potential of research and innovation to address pressing public health issues while improving community- and patient-focused care.

About the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Université de Montréal

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